Wednesday, 10 May 2017

On passage again

I am sorry about lack of correspondence, but we has problems with the Satphone logging on and downloading stuff we didn't ask for when we wanted to send and receive emails, and then running up $70 of charges each time.
Now fixed and I hope you get this on mailasail or blogspot.

If you have been watching Yellowbrick you will see we have been going quite slowly and losing ground to the fleet. Problem is no mainsail, which means we have the genoa and the staysail, and now we have the asymmetric ready to go when we get the right wind. Wind has been light for the last two days so there has been quite a lot of motoring and we are only doing 6 knots under
engine to conserve fuel. When the wind blows we have two efficient sail plans - either poled out genoa to one side and the staysail to the other which enables us to go 8-10 knots with good wind, or both foresails to one side which works well with the wind on the beam and we can make 9 knots in 15 knots. We had that for about two hours this afternoon, after which the wind has dropped to about 10 knots and we make 6 knots. So only 150NM days. We are now 850NM to go so next Friday seems like a likely arrival date in Fatu Hiva.

Roger and I did a lot of stainless cleaning today. Nicky has been embroidering, and Alex and Dinah have done a lot of reading. Fishing has been poor returns. We have had 4 fish hooked, landed one and lost 3 lures so far.

Nicky's birthday will be at sea. Happy May Bank Holiday weekend to you all!

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