Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Doing the admin in St Lucia

So we waved goodbye to the Admiral Grogs and Commodore Keith,  Boat is shiny clean, and we have been trying to fix things like the anchor shackle pin that sticks sometimes on the stemhead, and then gives a bish to the bow.

I have been fighting Microsoft and Adobe.  Tim Ashley persuaded me to try Lightroom and to buy a Sony camera, which is very nice but my version of Lightroom doesn't read the Sony RAW files.  It worked fine on the JPEGs.  So I try to update LR which seems to work ok but takes an hour on the slow wifi in the marina.  Then when I open LR it won't because there is a file missing.  Can I get it to load that - of course not.  So then I decide to buy Adobe Creative Cloud which is a subscription of course.  But you can't buy that in St Lucia!!

So I can get the Sony pictures on to Photos by Microsoft if I shoot JPEGs which was the whole thing Tim wanted me not to do.  But I can't get back to my previous version of LR which did work for JPEGs!

And the only reason we have a PC is because Inmarsat won't talk to Apple.  Inmarsat charges you $600 per month for 25MB!

So it may well be that the best method for photos is Instagram uploaded when we get to land.  And then I can edit a year's supply of photos on the Sony and Olympus when I get back!

Quick swim this morning off Pigeon island and then a shop for a birthday pair of shorts - I now have 2 as I left most of them at home!

And just to show it can be done, here is a photo of Nicky with post-swim hair as she says.

Thanks for birthday wishes.

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